Subway Surfers – All well known steps and tricks to score more !

ss-logoAmong the most popular and downloaded games on smartphones, Subway Surfer Hack Android holds a top position. The game is developed by Kiloo and SYBO games. This endless running mobile game is available on all the platforms with new editions regularly. Players of the game need to take the role of the teenage Jake and make him run down the tracks to escape the inspector and his dog. Objective of the game is to collect coins and rewards while crossing the subway endlessly. Obstacles and trains should be avoided by being super fast and attentive.

Few essential steps a player needs to follow to achieve high scores would be :

  • Building up the multiplier- Best way to score high is to improve the multiplier which is set at x1 at beginning. Player needs to beat a set of mission and level up and multiplier increases by 1 then. It can be increased to x30. This means the score will be 30 times the normal.
  • Upgrade the powerups- Coin magnet, Jetpack and 2x multiplier are the powerful powerups which help increasing the score. Coin magnet picks up coins while running. Jetpack launches player above the course. 2x multiplier will double current multiplier ie max up to 60x.The powerups therefore should be upgraded by spending some coins.
  • Stock up on hoverboards- They help in emergencies as if player is riding a hoverboard , after hitting an object run won’t end. The player will run on foot then. So players should try and stock hoverboards for the times when they cannot avoid hitting something.
  • Collect keys- The keys can be found while running, in mystery boxes or in weekly missions too. They allow the run to continue after hitting an object. They can also be bought spending some real money.
  • Grab as much coins as possible while running the course.

Apart from these steps there are many more to keep in mind. Player needs to practice the game to keep the pace on and also be well updated about the changes and new editions.