The Importance of Missions in Subway Surfers


In this post I am going to show you the importance of the missions in Subway Surfers. If you want to score high, then you need to finish the given quest in Subway Surfers. For every mission you accomplish your multiplier gets higher. At the very beginning of the game your multiplier is at 1. If you finish 29 quests your multiplier gets the maximum of 30. If you hit the maximum of your multiplier, there will still be given quests to you. The rewards change though. You will be awarded the Super Mystery Box which is a better version of the usual Mystery Box. Both award you random prize such as blue keys, coins or even new characters. You can find the Mystery Box in a run, but the Super Mystery Box is only available when finish a mission. You should take into account that the Super Mystery Box rewards even better prizes than the Mystery Box. So you should keep finish the quests! If your multiplier hits 30, you will get a much higher score with the same amount of distance you have run. The distance you have run will be multiplied by 30 and your score will be even higher. Thats why you should consider increasing your multiplier if you are competing with your friends in Subway Surf Cheat Scoring higher if going to be a lot easier.


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