Subway Surfers


Introduction: Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the most entertaining phone apps available today. The game is based in, you guessed it, the subways and the player is trying to run away from security. There are obstacles such as moving trains, stationary train cars and road blocks in the players path that make it challenging to escape the clutches of the security guard.
The game many characters for the players to choose from at the start of every round, and even characters that can be unlocked through either purchasing them from the Shop, or collecting tokens from mystery boxes that are spread out along the subway. These mystery boxes contain prizes from character tokens, coins and even keys.
Keys are something that players are going to want to collect, and can also be purchased through Google Play or Apple Store. Keys are essential for keeping in game play and seeing how far the player can go. Keys can be used if a player runs into a barrier or hits a train. Using a key will allow the player to continue to play the game, but it is cautioned to use the keys sparingly as the amount of keys needed to keep playing multiply by two every time you use a key in one game.
Along with the keys, there is also another tool available to players designed to keep them from running into the obstacles. While in the subway, if a player is about to run into any obstacle, may it be a wall or train, they can double tap their character and a hover board will appear. The hover board will dissolve when the player hits the object, but the player will be able to resume game play. Hover boards, much like keys, can be found in mystery boxes. They can also be purchased in the in-app game story.

How the use the Power-Ups wisely

One of the best things about the game are the power-ups and daily challenges available to players. An important thing to know about the power-ups are that they do not last long, but you can purchase more time for each power-up in the store. That being said, let’s take a look at the power-ups and how they are helpful during game play.
While running through the subway, players will encounter a shoe like power-up. This power-up is pretty amazing because it gives players the ability to double jump, making it possible to jump over moving trains, and even the stationary ones. There are also places in the game where players may be able to jump over a wall while using the shoe.
There is also a magnet power-up that is designed to pick up all of the coins on the track. This is helpful because it builds up the players overall coin count, allowing them to buy more add-ons and power-up time.
Then there is a jet-pack. This power-up also a coin based helpful tool, but this one is in the air. The jet-pack takes you up in the air where there is a line of coins waiting for players to scoop them up.
A major power-up that will help with distance is the X2 score multiplier power-up. This will allow players games to speed up for a small percentage of time, adding to their overall distance ran during game play.
The last power-up to mention is a pogo stick power-up. Again, this is a coin based power-up with a twist. The pogo stick lifts players in the air, and there are three rows of coins for players to choose to get. At the end of each row of coins is a different power-up that the player is able to pick up. Based off of personal preference, players are able to swipe over and pick up the power-up of choice.
When first starting out playing the game, players may notice that the speed of the game is not very fast. That is where the missions component of the game come into play. For every mission set that is completed, the game will speed up slightly.Missions are a set of three tasks that the player must complete in order to speed the game up by a small percentage. Once the player reaches 30X speed they have maxed out the game speed, but they can always pick up the X2 multiplier during their run. Don’t want to wait to boost the score multiplier until you are able to pick up a power-up? You can always purchase a score multiplier from the game shop and get a automatic +5 multiplier at the beginning of your run.

Last Few Words About Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers Cheats is an excellent game that will keep players busy for hours. Try to beat your own high score, or challenge your friends to become better surfers. The game has several components that make it entertaining and fun. With power-ups and daily challenges that will keep you engaged and staying sharp so that the security guard wont even have a chance to get you.


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